Those mega trends are – changing consumer demand, digital disruption, globalisation and an ageing population – are changing the way we will work over the coming decades.

First key mega trend reflects the growing power of the customer and is enabled by technologies like smart mobility and social media and it is changing consumer demand, and shaping the way we interact with each other.

The second trend focus on digitisation which has not only reduced the cost of goods but also enabled buyers and sellers direct connection.
When discrete tasks and challenges need completion virtual assistants can take charge of the tasks requiring completion.
Having a global taskforce of contractors who don’t have overheads there by offering the same services at a lower price.
Collaborative capabilities provide the ability to rapid expansion.
These businesses have the ability to review their business models rapidly and can impose rapid change through their scrutiny and by doing so can have rapid change in the workforce and their business.
Businesses that foster collaboration in the work-place stimulate creativity and innovation in our rapidly changing technologically driven environment
Data also suggests that VA’s who can work at their own time, venue and pace are more satisfied with their jobs and have a much higher performance rate.
Think globally~the way of the future.
Globally trading partners have a greater appetite as the wealth increases in emerging economies. Patterns of demand continue to change.
Individual VA’s with critical expertise required by a business or profession are highly sought after. In the past technological expertise between nations was a key facilitator of growth and global trade. Increasingly developed economies will rely on individuals such as entrepreneurs, researchers to add value to the established economy. This will support international mobility.

Finally the ageing population faces a very challenging prejudice that 20 somethings can start a business where its usually begun by 40 somethings and above These people have the expertise and usually the capital in order to provide the work force in an expanding and changing world economy.

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